Sound Installation


Light/Shadow is a collaborative sound installation project combining music, lighting and set designs, created by Lau Hiu Kong, Lawrence and Boo Chun Kit, Donald. The project exhibited five connected, interactive sound installations in the studio theatre of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. 

The installations are all inspired by the multimedia projects that the two composers collaborated with each other, including Off the Van, Claustrophobic Space and Post-Guanxi. However, without knowing their previous works, the audience can still understand and feel the exhibition as a complete work.  

The idea of the project is to allow the audience to control, create and to perceive music and sounds through their reaction to the light and sets. Technically, photoresistors are used to sense the shadow of the audience and hence, linking up the movement of audience’s shadow and the music composed by the composers. 


There were 5 sound installations on the stage. The audience followed a suggested path to experience the installations. Every installation has specific designs in both visual and sound. They give different functions and creating structure along time for the whole exhibition.

Exhibition Date: 26-28 April 2016
Venue: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

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The trip to Guangxi with composition fellows was an unforgettable experience. We found the organic, graceful and pure sound in the villages there. There is the utopia of music. This is a set of combined sounds. The movement and shadow of the audience affect the serious of the combination of changes of sounds. In other words, they create music with their shadow.