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© 2017 by LAU Hiu-Kong. All right reserved.

Audiovisual Works

(Music, Sound Design)
Photography, Video by Wang RuoNan
Sound and Music by Lau Hiu-Kong, Lawrence

The sound and music of Untitled were designed without any communication between the video maker and the composer. The intention was to create an organic work with the composer's instinct. The musical structure and register organisation follow the changes of shooting angles with embedded ambient sounds. The music suggested a hopeful mood and spacious atmosphere, forming a narrative to the footages.

Interactive Animation
(Game, Music, Animation, Performance)
Visual Design and Modelling: LAU Hiu-Kong, Lawrence
Game Logic Design: LAU Hiu-Kong, Lawrence
Sound Design: LAU Hiu-Kong, Lawrence

Running is a musical performance application based on the concept of gaming, using several "kid objects" to create an audiovisual work as a musical performance application designed with the game engine. The visual and sound designs suggest a innocent mood within a digital environment and to play with this kind of children gaming culture. Each object in the game has their sounds, and they can be triggered by the player to form rhythmic patterns aurally and visually. Form and structure are suggested by the design and scene changes, but the performer is still free to choose their combination and order of the scenarios. 

Animation: LAU Hiu-Kong, Lawrence
Music: LAU Hiu-Kong, Lawrence

Variations is a stop-motion animation using ice as the main material. The animation plays with the nature of ice melting, water, watercolors and to create a old-fashioned narrative story with the control of camera, effects, and music. The music is very important for piece, suggesting the structure and atmosphere for the animation. Finally, the music takes all the attention to change the work into a music domanating piece.